1. YAS62 PCB


YAS62 PCB is 60% PCB with arrow key collaboration between yasintahir with leeku. The PCB is support with universal 60% keyboard case and the groupbuy itself run in Q1 2017. YAS62 PCB has a lot of supported bottom row configuration. Link to the GB thread can be found here



Initiated by Menuhin on GH (One of participant of YAS62 PCB GB) at Q3 2017, manufactured by KBDFans. Link to the IC tread can be found here.

3. Y-CP Custom Sleeve x Diximech

Designed by Dixie to match GMK Violet Tendecies Groupbuy on Q2 2018. Link to the DixieMech store.

4. SKB-YAS62


Another 60% case to support YAS62 PCB. Design and Groupbuy handled by Plastikschnittstelle on GH at Q3 2018. Link to the thread can be found here.

5. Y-CP Custom Sleeve x Tinymakethings


The collaborations between Y-CP and Tinymakething happened in Q4 2019. She create exclusive design and run the groupbuy of the sleeve, also she is one of the most talented artisans in the community. You can find her work here


6. Y-CP Custom Sleeve x AEBoards


First collabs with AEBoards happened in Q1 2019 with his first realease of AEGIS custom board and continue with his other work EXT65 in Q2 2019. Link to they awesome work can be found here.

7. Y-CP Custom Sleeve x Jebbra



The collaborations with Jebbra happened in Q4 2019 when he's run his PBT sanctuary rebirth keyset and make design sleeve matching with the set. You can find other of his work here

8. Y-CP Custom Sleeve x Switchmod


The collaborations with Switchmod happened in Q4 2019 when he's run GMK Alter on his site and make matching sleeve for it and GMK Metaverse R2 in Q1 2020. He also work with other vendor such as DailyClack,, Zfrontier, Deskhero. If you need to find good stuff from them you can found it here.

9. Y-CP Custom Sleeve x HungHingDaiLo

The collaborations with Jebbra happened in Q1 2021 when he's run his GMK Maestro keyset and make design sleeve matching with the set and Q2 2021 for GMK Foundations. You can find other of his work here