Frequently Ask Question

How do I order a custom sleeve?

  1. You need to decide which size you want to order first on Product Page
  2. If you have a design file on .psd you can click the Pre-order button and submit the link on the notes.
  3. If you want to design use our product customizer tools, after you select cord/zipper, color and pocket you can click customize button
  4. Click add to cart button after you finish customize your sleeve.


My keyboard size is not available on Product Page, what should I do?

  • You can contact me on Instagram/Reddit/Discord/Telegram to request a new size product or template file.


Where I can download the .psd template file?

  • You can download it here


Is the sleeve washable?

  • Yes! you can follow the laundry tag inside of the sleeve to see how you clean your sleeve or you can just use soft brush if it's not too dirty.


How long the print quality will stay?

  • Print quality is great, it will stay the same as the age of fabric itself if you treat it correctly


Where is this shipped from?

  • It's shipped from Indonesia