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This box has a badge that is attached using a magnet and can serve as a leg so you can display it flat or tilted, and will comes with a sleeve to protect it during travel.

This group buys runs from 26 May to 15 June 2021.

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  • 25 Slots (5x5) & 49 Slots (7x7)
  • 6063 Aluminium with Sand Blasted Finish
  • Multicolors Anodize
  • Acrylic Display Cover
  • Stainless Steel Badge
  • Cell Dimensions (LxWxH):
    - 5x5 = 132 x 132 x 23mm
    - 7x7 = 175 x 175 x 23mm
  • Maximum Keycap Height: 18mm
  • Cell Wall Height: 7mm
  • 20 Degree Angle

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Q4 2021

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